Terri witnessed the Phoenix Lights event on March 13, 1997, when a giant two-mile wide “mother craft” glided gracefully and peacefully over her head just before 8:00 p.m.

We now know there were multiple crafts powered by our peaceful nonviolent ETI from the contiguous universe with Zero Point Energy as the fuel source. This was a peaceful ETI greeting to humanity.

Terri's first person account:

“The evening of March 13 was cool and calm, and skies were clear. My hospice volunteers and I had gathered for our monthly meeting to discuss our patients’ care. I was in an altered state of peace and compassion consciousness, as working for Hospice always felt so natural and spiritual for me. My volunteers were extraordinary people who constantly gave of their time and talent to bring comfort and care to our patients, their families, to our staff and each other.
We had gathered in the private home of one of the volunteers, near 36th St and Palo Christi, just a few streets south of Lincoln in Paradise Valley, Arizona, and only a mile from my home. This location is just a mile or two south of Piestewa Peak in the Phoenix Mountain Preserve. We had stepped out into the backyard around 7:45-8 pm, talking with each other in respect and friendship.
I could smell the wonderful orange blossoms, so prevalent in the area in March. The backyard was enclosed with many citrus trees. All of a sudden, one of the volunteers said “oh my gosh, what’s that?” pointing straight up. I looked up and saw this:
What had been a clear night sky with many visible stars including the popular Hale-Bopp comet, was now completely obscured by what appeared to me to be a slowly moving, north to south, undulatingblack/silver satin-like “fabric” that appeared to be so close that I could reach up and touch it.
I remember thinking this is huge, maybe the size of at least 2 football fields.  There was NO sound, NO ripple of air, NO dogs barking. My eyes seemed to be literally glued to what was occurring immediately over my head. That was my 100% focus. The craft was so huge, I did not see its shape, or its edges, I did not see its front or back or sides. I knew it was moving, from the north over Piestewa Peak toward the south. I had no frame of reference as to what I was seeing.
I do know however, that I felt absolute peace, gratitude, excitement, as if I had been blessed with a miracle. I was and it was! Then a type of amnesia seemed to set in; I do not remember any significant conversation with my hospice peers about this extraordinary event. It is as if we immediately went back to our patient discussion, regardless of the miracle that we had just witnessed. Or perhaps for me, this was intentional. I know that after that night, I expanded my Hospice focus of the power of compassion to the universal focus of the power of peace and love.  Little did I know at the time that what I was witness to was the Mother Craft, a two mile wide craft that shared the night sky with multiple crafts, seen by thousands of witnesses in Arizona as a peaceful ETI Hello to Earth.