ETI vs celestials

The ETI (Extraterrestrial Intelligence) with whom Suzanne and Terri work are peaceful, nonviolent and obedient to God.

They are NOT from our universe but from a CONTIGUOUS universe.

They are the highest form of intelligence working directly with God.

Their purpose is to assist us humans who are eager to bring powerful, safe, clean, cheap, sustainable, ubiquitous, infinite ZERO POINT ENERGY application as THE energy source to our viable Earth. This ZPE energy is centered on the Tau neutrino.

When ETI want to make themselves known, they do so with specific colors, sound, touch, scent, taste and manipulation of matter. Examples abound. They frequently turn on lights in our homes when they want our attention.  ETI want only what is best for humanity to evolve spiritually, demand obedience given by free will choice, respond with compassion and / or justice, when required.

Celestials, on the other hand, overseen by our ETI, are all the extraterrestrial entities in OUR universe, who resonate intelligently higher than humans but still in varying degrees of violence depending on with whom they are interacting. Celestials mirror humans.

According to Dr. Suzanne Mendelssohn, ETI intelligence, due to full obedience to God, surpasses celestials guidance, which it has long ago evolved past and helps mitigate.