Dr. Suzanne Mendelssohn is Founder and CEO of Fundraising in the Public Interest, FPI, which she began many years ago. She also has over 40 years of fundraising experience, including being named first female president of fundraising firm ORAM, 4th largest firm of its kind at the time.

Suzanne is Earth’s ONLY ETI obedience healer. Because she is a healer, science and medical intuitive and consultant with special experience in science, particularly zero point energy, theology, consciousness, health care, peacemaking, poverty eradication, race relations, justice for women and the environment, we look for 501©3 organizations whose mission is related.

FPI is a small family oriented firm, and uses no advertising or website.  Suzanne named Terri Executive Vice President. They work from their homes by phone and computer, in their respective states. FPI is a transformational change agent, and works only with billionaire donors to support the work of their clients who are involved in radical social change for the planet.

We work with the following nonprofit clients:

~Arizona Interfaith Movement (AIFM) 
~FuelFree Technologies / Motor Inc.
~Gesundheit Institute
~Metta Center for Nonviolence

Please read Suzanne’s Bio here:

 Suzanne Mendelssohn, PhD, ETI

Medical and Science Intuitive-Healer-Fundraising Entrepreneur 

Along with her business partner Terese Mansfield, Dr. Suzanne Mendelssohn has demonstrated (and she as a healer for first time in vocation) that one can do advanced p.c., postcentenarianship without family precedent and quite the contrary.  This makes the case for obedience, for correct action received in psychicness in intention to do the will of God, and God's ETI, evolved obedient nonviolent Extraterrestrial Intelligence from the contiguous universe. She and Terese rely only on ETI frequency for no medical model in a global pilot plan for advanced postcentenarianship.


Dr. Mendelssohn is Earth’s only ETI obedience healer. Her belief is that obedience to God is the prevention and cure of disease, was used to heal colleague of over 40 years Apollo 14 astronaut and 6th man to walk on the moon Dr. Edgar Mitchell’s supposedly terminal cancer with ETI frequencies to the complete satisfaction of his NYC oncologist.

By pre-death arrangement she and Edgar have co-authored a book to be published at a later date.


            Dr. Mendelssohn is the only practicing healer in the world who is also a professional fundraiser and the only professional fundraiser in the world who is also a practicing healer. She was the only paid healer in NY State at Creedmoor Psychiatric Institute in Queens, New York.


Upon completion of her graduate and post-graduate work in political science, Dr. Mendelssohn conducted multi-million dollar campaigns for the world’s fourth largest fundraising-public relations firm, the Oram conglomerate, of which she soon became president, the 1st woman president of a firm in the fundraising industry.


            As Founder of her own firm, Fundraising in the Public Interest, Dr. Mendelssohn was founding trustee of the NY Association of Women Business owners, and cover story subject for such magazines as “Inc. Magazine”, “Enterprising Women” and “Small Business”, writing an article for the latter, which then became a cover story. She was a regular contributing writer to “The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine”.


Dr. Mendelssohn has been a public speaker in college classrooms, on TV, and on the radio, serving as ABC New Year’s Eve psychic for years running.  She did an ABC radio series on Ed Mitchell’s cancer for patients under her “satisfaction or your money back guarantee providing her advice is acted on”. She assisted WNEW TV NYC because a reporter had become deaf and came to her for healing. The tape was run twice, including Thanksgiving.


Dr. Mendelssohn supports key nonprofit organizations which are helping to transform Earth for the better. She has special experience with science, theology, consciousness, health care, peacemaking, poverty eradication, race relations, justice for women, the environment and zero point energy, with the knowing that ZPE is the most powerful of energies, clean, cheap, ubiquitous energy centered around tau neutrinos.


Dr. Mendelssohn’s entire life purpose has been and will remain for God's comeback in reconciliation between science and religion. She intends to prove the following:

1-Existence of God in science; 2-Survival of consciousness; 3-ETI reality; 4-Reincarnation.

            In December 2018 FPI went to contract with a Zero Point Energy company.

We plan collaboration with an Oxford-trained MD & his Science and Healing Foundation in 2020 as first step in consciousness movement implementation of Edgar Mitchell plan. 

Contact: Box 485 / Shelter Island Heights, New York 11965 /