No Medical Model & Suzanne Mendelssohn

Suzanne Mendelssohn, PhD, Founder and CEO of Fundraising in the Public Interest, is Earth’s only ETI Obedience Healer. Suzanne has been a healer all her life and treats specific patients on a daily basis, in person, or on the phone, free of charge. ETI guide her as to who receive her ETI frequencies; they are NOT for everyone. Her health is perfect.

In 2009, Suzanne asked Terri if she would like to receive her daily ETI frequencies for perfect health. She answered YES, and much to the surprise of her husband and daughter who are both in the medical field, she gave up all Medical Model: no doctor visits, no lab work, no medications, no tests & procedures, no hospitalizations, NO MEDICAL MODEL.

Terri’s health has never been better and she has the stamina and vigor of a 30 year old, like Suzanne.